Although Jennilee and I are over here partaking in all the action, we wouldn't have been able to accomplish such great things without your help. We need to give a big thank you to those who have taken the time to follow our progress and contribute to our cause.

We think its important for people in Western society to understand that our work isn't just about Westerners saving the lives of poor people in Africa. It is about empowering local communities and inspiring them to work toward a common goal; having a happy, healthy life, and providing a brighter future for the next generation. Words cannot express how grateful the Tanzanian communities are for us having planted a seed for them to flourish and grow.

There are so many intelligent, business savvy individuals here that have goals and ambitions. They all strive to build a promising future for themselves and their families, but it is the lack of resources that hold them back. The perception that African's don't know how to care for, understand, and help their people is always misconstrued. There have been numerous occasions where we have come across locals who have begun their own projects and are determined to volunteer their time and money to assist their communities. Sometimes it just takes opening the door

This has been such a huge learning experience for us and we hope that it has been for you as well. Thank you again for your support and for helping us plant the seed...

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