First and foremost we would like to apologize for the delay in posting. As anybody that has spent time in Tanzania knows, the internet is a luxury that cannot be relied upon.

Easter at Njiapanda
Easter is one of the biggest holidays in Tanzania with the large Christian population here. On Easter Monday we were invited to visit the Pastor and his family at the Njiapanda Centre. Laura was delighted to eat Pilau, the traditional Easter food here. We left our hostel at 9:00 am and met up with a friend that was able to drive us and two other volunteers to the Easter lunch. En route, we were informed that we had to make a quick stop at a different children's centre. Excitedly, we jumped out of the van and were greeted by smiling children! Little did we know, our friend had been asked to lead the honorary goat slaughter.

1. Goat: "act casual, do not make eye contact" 2. Busted. 3. Still bleeding out after 20 minutes. 4. They mix the blood with salt and drink it.
After the goat incident we were looking forward to playing with the children and meeting with the pastor and his wife.  Lucky for us, we were immediately served hot goat soup, goat liver, all while the pastor's goats watched us with a knowing glare.

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