We have been back home for just over a month now! We want everyone to know that just because we are home doesn't mean we're not still involved with our current projects as well as looking for future projects and opportunities.
Our first fundraiser, the silent auction, was a great success so we are going to make it an annual event. We have started organizing the 2012 Streets2Schools Silent Auction. We are also exploring new opportunities for future projects.
Our time in Tanzania was inspirational for both of us and after reflecting over the last month, we are both looking forward to our next chapter. We will of course be focusing on education for street children but are not set on working in one country. Streets2Schools is dedicated to continue supporting the street children of Njiapanda and the Women's Group in Makanya. If you know of a project or centre that works with street children please let us know.
We will keep everyone posted on our future plans and projects and will continue to update our blog and site.
9/23/2011 06:49:21 pm

I am very much impressed...keep up the good work...THANK YOU

8/7/2012 12:07:53 am

Moving to a new place and adjusting life there is not very easy, sometimes children got hesitated and become violent.


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