We are going to use this blog for updating our family, friends, donors, supporters, and fellow volunteers with our day-to-day adventures, highs, lows, and most importantly progress! So please keep checking in.

Our first order of business is raising funds for our cause! We decided an event at the Victoria bar, Soprano's, was a great opportunity. The date of our fundraiser is March 26th and it starts at 7:30. We were amazed at the outpouring of support and donations almost immediately after creating the event and getting the word out there. It was impressive to see how efficient our world has become with the use of social media and the heavy influence "networking" has had. Speaking of networking, we've reached out to people we know that work for companies or own companies that would be able to donate their time or products.

We'd like to acknowledge how helpful, efficient, and accommodating Soprano's are to work with. They have great suggestions, always call back with answers we're looking for, and have gone out of their way to make this night a success! We would highly recommend Soprano's as a great local business for hosting a party or event.

Stay tuned for more Streets 2 Schools updates!
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